From the depths of the sea

Carolyn Cardinet and Janita Ryan

The Library Artspace

Wednesday 06 March 2013 to Saturday 23 March 2013

Opening Wednesday 06 March 2013 6-8pm  at 100 Barkly St North Fitzroy
Carolyn Cardinet and Janita Ryan regurgitate the flotsam and jetsam spewed onto the City of Port Philip shoreline between 2011 and 2012. This gleaned debris is reprocessed, decontextualized from its original purpose and reframed to take on new meaning. Cardinet’s large monochromatic paintings hanging from the gallery’s beams are a strong contrast to Ryan’s miniature egg tempers works.

!!Come and regurgitate!!

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Feeling like the writing is getting the better of me….So I am painting instead….

This work uses recycled boxes together with images of the discardedRecycle boxes of our immediate environment are painted to make them noticeable to the viewer

New work

Could that be the start of a new collection….Images

Claustrophobia- Detail

Our cities are getting tighter and more closely built
How can we do it better?

Interesting how we continually discard but are oblivious to the waste laying around us in the cities

How much can be recycled and isn’t!

Cardboard for example is extremely strong and can be durable why is it mainly used for packaging

Where is our sustainability practice coming into the game?

Have a think what could you use it for…..



Our cities

Playing with Space

small ink and acrylic painting on rag paper
in a recycled wooden frame

Painting of the found on discarded tubing

Why not use cardboard in our new eco friendly society?

A very challenging and no doubt interesting year is ahead of us all

For my part work, family, three shows and expecting to finish my Masters studies will jam pack no doubt these 10 months left  for this year.

Working during the summer holidays I decided to apply my love of recycling to full use using discarded objects and painting on recycled materials